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Delta Faucet

We love the durability, simplistic designs, and the history and experience this company brings to its products. They never miss a step in the fashion of design matching the latest in faucet technologies.

The creator

In 1920, a young Armenian immigrant named Alex Manoogian arrived in America with an ambitious curiosity for the world around him. At the time, virtually all homes had faucets with two handles. When Alex and an inventor had the idea for a single-handle faucet with a ball valve that could mix hot and cold water, he had the vision to see its potential…

Alex worked tirelessly to perfect the single-handle ball valve design. Two years later, he introduced the Delta faucet named after the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, which symbolizes “change.” It was a fitting name for a product that changed the industry forever. Today, we continue to honor the vision of our founder with innovation that transforms people’s daily lives.

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