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5 Steps to Prepare Your Pipes for the Winter

Winterizing Your Pipes

Winterizing your pipes essentially means taking preventative measures to keep your pipes from freezing water which can cause your pipes to expand and rupture. A pipe burst can potentially cost thousands of dollars in repairs, damaging the structural integrity of your home, and damage to your valuable possessions. Focus Plumbing Services has made a 5 step instructional of preventative measures to help you lower the risk of damage to your home.

Before you begin, you want to locate all the exterior faucets. 

  1. Disconnect Garden Hose
    Water in your garden hose may cause stretching and deterioration of your hose losing causing its product life to shorten. So, when you disconnect your garden hose, remember to also drain the fluid from the hose to prevent more wear and tear.
  2. Close Inside Valve
    Follow the faucet line to its shutoff valve, usually found near the main water shutoff valve or the ceiling of the basement. Fix the lever in its “Off” position.
  3. Drain Inside Valve
    Using the drain plug, unscrew the plug to drain excess fluid from the valve. Be sure to keep a bucket under the drain plug to catch the draining fluid. Keep the drain plug removed as you move onto the next steps.
  4. Open Outside Valve
    You want to make sure to open the valve allowing any remaining water to drain from your pipes. Once the water is done draining, leave the valve in its “on” and install outdoor faucet covers on each outdoor fixture.
  5. Put Back the Drain Plug
    At this point, you should reattach and fasten the drain plug back on the inside valve.

Some Things to Consider

  • Keep your inside valve uncovered. Covering the inside valve causes the warm air around the valve to have poor circulation which can cause the valve and the piping next to your outside wall to freeze and burst, potentially flooding your home.
  • Ask us about frost-free faucets!

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