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Viega was the first to offer press joining systems in North America, the first to offer a proven method to verify secure connections and the first to offer the same time-saving press technology in multiple materials. Viega ProPress systems offer patented Viega Smart Connect technology, which helps installers easily identify unpressed connections. Our favorite PEX system to use is their PureFlow System. Read to learn more about each system.

Viega PEX PureFlow System. “Freakish Performance.”

It’s more than meets the eye. It’s been specially designed for the commercial builder. It’s the amazingly reliable. The incredibly efficient. The one, the only – Viega PureFlow System.

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Viega ProPress Copper

  • More than 600 different fitting configurations to choose from
  • Approved for more applications than any other copper press fitting system
  • Available in sizes ½” to 4″
  • Install the same system in different applications with three different sealing elements
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections

Viega ProPressG

With a factory-installed HNBR sealing element, Viega ProPressG fittings are suitable for natural gas and fuel-oil applications, among others. Installers can make secure connections in seconds with system-matched tools and jaws. And Viega’s patented Smart Connect technology is also included in ProPressG fittings, providing installers with increased confidence in the integrity of their connections.

Viega ProPress Stainless

  • Approved for more than 225 different applications
  • More than 600 different engineered fittings configurations from ½” to 4″
  • A complete solution with pipe, valves, fittings and both EPDM and FKM sealing elements
  • Two grades of stainless, 304 and 316, ideal for harsh or corrosive environments
  • Viega Smart Connect technology helps identify unpressed connections

Most information was found at https://www.viega.us.