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Soldering is a very reliable and great way to plumb, but it is also an older technique. With all of the latest improvements and new inventions in the last few years, things have become even more reliable, faster to install, and cost effective. Everyone enjoys saving money! Read some of the products that we love and trust below!

Viega PureFlow System

Looking for a complete plumbing solution that’s easy to install and will help reduce water waste? Look no further than the Viega PureFlow System. It is our favorite to use for its freakishly strong performance!

With fittings, manifolds, and tubing, Viega provides everything you need for a total plumbing system. From our revolutionary Viega ManaBloc system to our press fittings for PEX tubing, the Viega PureFlow System is designed specifically for residential and commercial applications.

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veiga pax system

Viega ProPress

Viega was the first to offer press joining systems in North America, the first to offer a proven method to verify secure connections and the first to offer the same time-saving press technology in multiple materials. Viega ProPress systems also offer patented Viega Smart Connect technology, which helps installers easily identify unpressed connections.

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How to know which system or technique is right for your project?

It can be hard to know what makes the best sense for your project, but that is why we are here. We will ask you the questions to know what will be the best solution for your project. You might want to take some time to think about some of the points listed below.

  • Is saving water a priority to you?
  • Do you like the way copper pipes look and want a certain aesthetic?
  • Is time a deciding factor?
  • Is the installation space easily accessible?
  • What is currently installed?
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