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New plumbing and toilet

Planning a Renovation to Save Money with Plumbing

It’s always a great idea to save money in plumbing so that you can splurge on tile or higher quality fixtures and faucets. Here are a few tips to help the planning process so that there aren’t too many surprise costs along the way.

The simplest and most cost-efficient way to add a new fixture or group of fixtures is to connect them to the existing main soil stack. In other words, do not add new plumbing to far from the main stack. The best way is to keep the plumbing where it is or as close to the original plumbing as possible.

How To Save Money When Renovating

  • Schedule Plumbing Renovation, Not Emergency Plumbing (emergency Plumbers cost a lot more)
  • Confine the Plumber to Plumbing Work Only
  • Retain the Plumbing Footprint
  • Choose PEX Pipe Over Copper
  • Choose Crimp-Fit Over Push-Fit Couplings
  • Provide Comfortable Conditions for the Plumber
  • Read more details at The Spruce Dot Com
New plumbing and free standing tub

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