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Toilet Install & Maintenance

Repair your toilet when:

  • The toilet is always running
  • The toilet doesn’t flush all the way
  • The toilet is clogged
  • The tank takes too long to fill
  • The toilet tank is leaking water

It's time to look at replacing it when:

  • You’re fixing it too often
  • You’re having the same recurring problem
  • Renovation aesthetics
  • There’s a crack in the porcelain
  • Your water bill is skyrocketing
  • There’s an object lodged in the drain that you or your plumber can’t reach

A good rule of thumb is to always call a professional when it comes to plumbing repairs and possible replacements. When considering investing in a new toilet, always weigh the costs of the potential repairs your existing toilet requires and evaluate whether the newer model is going to save you money in the long run. Whether it’s a repair or replacement, Focus Plumbing Services, LLC is here to make sure your business is taken care of!

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