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Water RePiping

galvanized pipes for repiping

Do You Need to Replace Your Plumbing?

Is it time for water repiping in your Saint Paul, Minneapolis, MN home?

Do you have an older house and notice the water pressure isn’t what it used to be? You may need to update your plumbing. Over time the old galvanized pipes can become corroded and build up so much that they can become completely clogged.
Photo Credit: https://americanvintagehome.com/advice-for-older-homes/need-swap-galvanized-pipes/

How to fix it?

veiga pax system

Our favorite repiping system is the Viega PureFlow System. “Freakish Performance”. It is a PEX system that is extremely durable, clean, fast and much cheaper than copper. We absolutely love it and are sure that you will too.

With a large job like repiping your entire home, it’s smart to find what is going to inconvenience your family for the least amount of time and this is it. With this type of piping, it is easy to slide it through walls and into small spaces, thus making the rehab a lot less messy.

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veiga pax system

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